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A teaser trailer for the upcoming documentary about Canadian war hero Leo Major. He fought in WWII and the Korean war.

July 11, 2013

Regarded by some as Canada’s Rambo, Leo Major was a true Canadian hero.  This is a teaser trailer to aid in raising capital, so we can tell his larger than life story of how he earned the highly regarded Distinguished Conduct Medal not once, but twice, spanning two wars.

6 Responses to Leo Major Documentary Trailer

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  2. Justin Weir says:

    Will this film be completed or was this a project that will not be completed? What are the plans for the project going forward? I really want to see this film come to life. Let me know what your plans are and perhaps I can help.

    • dreadnaught says:

      Hi Justin! We are still working on this film, but our funding didn’t work out the way we wanted it to. We’re currently completing another documentary, and when we’re done we’re getting right back to Leo Major. Thanks for your interest!

  3. Alain Mainguy says:

    What kind of funding do you need? Is there any way I can help?

    • dreadnaught says:

      We need about $100,000 to get the film going. There are so many reenactments, period costumes, and visual effects that we need to complete the film.

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