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Dreadnaught Digital is driven by great story-telling. We are passionate about moving images and their power to change people’s minds and hearts. Our goal is to provide that opportunity to our clients.


Meet the team

We are just a bunch of goofballs that love making, watching and talking about videos. Join our conversation.

  • Jeremy Pollock

    Head Creative | CEO

    His love for story-telling began early in life. In high school he was always looking through the lens of a camera.  Little did he know this hobby would become his life-long passion.  After receiving his degree from ACAD in 3D Animation he worked on multiple animated productions.  He learned quickly that he had his own stories to tell and also craved to be more involved in the production process. So, he dove head first into live-action filming, working on several sets in Los Angeles and Calgary.  Now armed with nearly two decades of experience, specializing in Directing, Editing, Motion Design, and Animation, he is ready and eager to captivate your audience with his well-crafted story-telling ability.

  • Laurena Pollock

    Project Manager | COO

    Her eclectic background in both creative and office environments make her a powerful asset to any project.  She has grown her career in Marketing, Film and Publishing industries with roles ranging from Project/Client Manager, Photographer & Make Up Artist.  Experienced and confident in executing multi-tiered campaigns, with the attention to detail required to ensure that there isn’t an eyelash out of place. This combination ensures you receive top care with an insightful eye for new ideas.


What DO ya DO here??

  • Video Production

    We offer ‘script to screen’ production managements of any size. Our talents include producing, writing, directing, editing, visual effects, motion design, sound production and even 3D. Whatever your project or budget, we’ve got you covered

  • 3D

    When the real world doesn’t cut it, we can create a new one. From entire cities to spinning logos, we’ve got the talents you are looking for.

  • Video Editing

    Maybe you’ve got a project that you shot recently, or maybe it was 10 years ago. We can put our editing skills to use and create a slick, professional product out of your video assets

  • Visual Effects

    If you can’t be in New York we can bring New York to you. Visual Effects are commonplace in high quality video production, yours should be too

  • Motion Design

    Tell your story using animation and dynamic images, because your message deserves more than a talking head.

  • Sound Editing

    Without quality sound, you’ve got nothing. We’ve got access to the best musicians, voice over artists, and sound mixers in the business! Just say no to inferior sound!

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