TV Series : A Woman’s Guide To The World

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Post Production is something we’re very passionate about here at Dreadnaught. It’s often said that the editing room is where the final draft of the script takes place. Characters get rewritten, or written out. Plot lines get stretched or thinned for time. A true editor can take your footage and create something from seemingly nothing.

When we got a call from Apolla Echino We weren’t sure what to expect. She talked about how she traveled to the Antarctic and the Amazon river and wanted to make a TV pilot out of her footage. When we sat down to look at what she had, we were amazed that she was able to capture all these beautiful images without the help of a camera-person, sound recordist, or even a tripod!

We’re very proud of our collaboration with Apollonia Productions and hope you enjoy the pilot in a series that we know will be a success!

A Woman's Guide to the World – Episode One from Apollonia Productions on Vimeo.

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On March 4, 2016

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