Walkcycle – Tommy Ivanhoe

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Back in 1999 (RIP Prince) I went to The Alberta College of Art and Design (ACAD) for 2D and 3D animation. During our first semester, we were tasked to create a walk cycle the “old school” way. Meaning we had to draw out each frame by hand, trace that image onto a sheet of clear cel paper, then coloring each image using cel paint. Seems easy enough, but trust me, it’s a time consuming labour of love. Over the course of a long weekend, myself and my partner spent 30 hours creating these cels. 60 man hours for this weird little character to walk across the screen.

Speaking of this character – his name is Tommy Ivanhoe. He’s based off an old neighbor of mine that dressed just like this and walked around with a perpetual toothbrush in his mouth, just like this Tommy. He drove a suped up Mustang Cobra, washed himself outside with a hose, and spoke in cryptic prose about the meaning of life, ladies, and cars. Basically the perfect cartoon character. I teamed up Tommy with a loud mouth Beaver and wrote a few stories for them. Most of this was lost over time (Thanks a lot Iomega Jaz Drive!) but the cels remain. I spent a little time cleaning up the cels in photoshop, added a background and some music.

A great reminder of how far I’ve come in my career.

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On June 22, 2016

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